Why Choose Michelle

Michelle Van Otten, Business Image ExpertFriends, clients and colleagues have described me this way:

“A dedicated, passionate, driven, humble, compassionate yet tough, bright, bold, fearless, beautiful from the inside out, highly motivated, magnetic, unstoppable force!”

That’s me in a nutshell.
I know what it’s like to have a big vision, build your dream, be scared as hell yet do it anyway, feel alone at times and reap the rewards of the right strategies, mindset and actions that produce results.

Early on in my corporate career, one of first bosses said to me, “Michelle, your reputation will always precede you. Always keep that in mind and know it’s the absolute truth that will always prevail.” I have never let those wise words leave my mindset for a single second. It’s also part of my values that drive me to serve your highest good and instill the same in you.

There are countless “mentors” out there, and some better than others. I don’t spend my time worrying about my competition or trying to better than anyone else. That’s what followers do. My goal is to focus on being the ultimate best me there is and to walk honorably and proudly in the shoes of being a entrepreneurial leader.

I am proud to walk my talk and actually be a living example of everything I teach. I live my life, operate my business, empower my team and serve my clients from the heart with integrity and always in alignment with my values. To me, there is no exception to that. Period.

What Makes Me So Unique?

I’m a one-of-a-kind new breed of Transformation mentors who embraces you as a whole, unique and talented entrepreneur who deserves the best to experience all that your life has to offer. NO MATTER HOW SUCCESSFUL YOU ARE IN BUSINESS…your beliefs and unseen blocks will always present hurdles.

The coach side of me deals with…

  • Getting real and clear about what’s really holding you back
  • Turning your life long limiting beliefs and stifling, subconscious, sabotaging patterns into instant high performance breakthroughs
  • Aligning you with the universal spiritual laws of life and success
  • Lighting a fire under your ass to get you motivated!
  • Designing your leveraged, successful business and create the ultimate life you want to live on your terms
  • Keeping you focused and accountable to action items and goals
  • Developing your mindset of a champion so you always achieve results


The consultant in me…

  • Creates your comprehensive rockstar brand identity and platform
  • Helps position you as the expert in your industry
  • Helps you take your brand and ignite people into inspired action with it
  • Creates your million dollar first impression as the expert in your industry across Social Platforms
  • Develops key strategies, winning solutions and stellar action plans
  • Fine tunes your Business Image and teaches you how to have powerful, magnetic presence online and offline (even on stage!)
  • Makes sure you and your team are on brand and are an unforgettable shining example of your brand to all who encounter you
  • Helps you magnetize your ideal clients and build global communities of raving fans
  • Holds you accountable to receive what you’re worth and achieve financial goals that matter!

My no-nonsense approach to you and your business offers you my unique blend of both spiritually-based High Performance Coaching and Strategic Business, Image and Personal Brand Consulting to catapult your success at a significantly faster rate so you can finally get off the hamster wheel. It’s up to you do do the work, but I’m here to help you win.

What’s My Background?

I launched my career with a decade of experience in the financial services industry in Investment Banking & Trading working with elite Wall Street firms and boutique Investment Banks. I had the honor and privilege of working on many of the leading IPOs in the Silicon Valley during the 90′s.

I’ve had the pleasure to learn priceless lessons from corporate culture, working with some of the brightest people in the Silicon Valley, watching innovative entrepreneurs go from obscurity to IPO. In fact, one of my best and most unforgettable moments was the day we launched Pixar’s IPO with Steve Jobs sitting right behind me on our trading desk. He sat there like a little boy grinning from ear to ear. I will never forget he expression on his face of joy, pride and ecstasy in watching his dream of innovative animation in films become a reality. It made me fall in love with the hearts of entrepreneurs.

I left that industry to pursue my passion and drive to work with entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants who are dedicated and committed to turning their vision into a reality.

I’m an admitted power connector, networking, branding, social media, internet marketing, entrepreneurial, business junkie! My greatest joy in my business is seeing my clients take off and achieve record breaking results that make global impact. I use my wealth of knowledge and experience to create you as the rockstar in your industry with a powerful, magnetic brand and expert status that is second to none. I’m a perfectionist to my craft and never settle for less than your ultimate best results.

Want to know my personal story and what I stand for?

Personally, I feel that never before has it been more important to serve you to create your foundation for success and support you on your journey.

I value building relationships and look forward to connecting with you! Together, we can explore what’s possible for you and what you can create in a strategy session, on my blog or at one of my live events. Whatever you do, GET INTO ACTION NOW! Reach out. Say hello. Extend a hand. I’m here to receive it and show you the way.

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