10 Things You May Not Realize Could Be Destroying Your Personal Brand

Take a good look at the business leaders and entrepreneurs in the world who are enjoying the level of success you crave. They are real, they are relevant, they are able to emotionally connect with their audience and there is just something about them that draws you in. What’s their secret? It has everything to do with the next level in becoming a captivating Personal Brand.

You gotta start by knowing this: People will only do business with people who are vibrant and exude the type of energy and charisma that attracts them and builds a rock solid, deep connection that leaves them wanting more. This is the core essence of Personal Branding that separates you from the pack. And here’s the best news…that energy and charisma are not something they’re born with, they’ve learned how to develop it.

It breaks my heart to watch entrepreneurs and business owners make the same mistakes again and again that are killing their personal brand without even realizing it.

So I decided to make a list of the top 10 things that destroy your Personal Brand and share this with you now so you can avoid these. The following 10 Personal Brand mistakes have the power to destroy your authority positioning and hold you back from becoming a market leader. Learn how to avoid these mistakes, however, and you’ll be on the way to achieving greater impact, influence and income in no time.

Personal Brand Mistake #1: Not Having One

If you’ve just been “winging it,” you’re probably frustrated and struggling to achieve the impact and level of success you desire. I can’t say this enough:

YOU are your own brand. Your audience must buy into the essence and energy of you first before they will even consider what you are selling! If there is any aspect of YOU that is not conveying the right energy, values and message, you’re definitely leaving money on the table and missing tremendous opportunity. Your personal brand and business brand are one and the same in the mind of your consumer/client/employee. When your personal brand is off, it destroys the business brand, inhibiting key relationships and destroying credibility.

Personal Brand Mistake #2:Failing to Manage Your First Impression

Did you know that according to a recent Princeton University study you only have 1/10th of a second to make a first impression? This applies to your brand both in person and online, such as with your website and social media. In fact, social media impressions are so important that I’ve written a separate article focusing entirely on how to become irresistible in social media. Some people overshare, while others prefer to stay in hiding. Both approaches can end up creating off-putting first impressions that will kill your brand. Your personal brand is reflected throughout your marketing photography, brand photos you use on social media, headshots, timeline photos, videos, websites, blogs and more. All together, they can be a powerful source for creating instant rapport and connection. Just the opposite, if your images are done wrong, they can repel potential clients and customers with the wrong first impression.

Personal Brand Mistake #3: Your Personal and Business Brand Aren’t in Sync

Your personal brand and business brand are synonymous. Just look at some of the greatest innovators in the world today – people like Richard Branson, the late Steve Jobs, Oprah, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk. Their personal brands permeate every aspect of their business brands. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your personal brand won’t affect your business brand. They are actually one and the same in the mind of your consumer/client. When your personal brand is off, it destroys the business brand, inhibiting relationships and destroying credibility. Both must be in sync to create an emotional connection that builds a strong relationship with your target market and makes them proud to be following you and buying from you. This is an enormously important aspect of building a captivating and unforgettable brand experience that cultivates a
tribe of loyal followers.

Personal Brand Mistake #4: Sending the Wrong Message

Always be conscious of the message you are sending, both in person and in your images. I once saw an ad campaign for a local real estate agent who was wearing nothing but her bikini. This works for family vacation photos, but definitely does not send the right message as a business professional. Whether in pictures online or attending a business networking event, make sure that the way you present yourself sends the right message. Show up with bags under your eyes, wearing a sweater with a hole in it and scrambling to find a ratty business card in the bottom of your purse will send the wrong message. Take time with your personal presentation, project energy, be organized, and you’ll make a winning first impression every time.

Personal Brand Mistake #5: Not Living Your Values

Do you know what your values are? So many people don’t take the time to understand their values, and mindfully embody them throughout their business and their personal life. Remember that it’s the person that personified the business. What you stand for is what your business stands for. Weaving your values in to a culture is also what builds your tribe.

Personal Brand Mistake #6: Not Being the Person You Most Want To Attract

Your energy is what attracts or repels the best kind of customers and clients you desire. Like attracts like. If you want to attract stellar clients who are a dream to work with, then YOU have to be that kind of person yourself. Be the kind of person you want to work with most. Invest in yourself the way you want your clients to invest in their own growth through you. If you fail to project this, you’ll fail to attract the right kind of people you most want to work with.

Personal Brand Mistake #7: Marketing “at” people not “with” people

This goes right along with Mistake #6 – not understanding the people you want to attract the most. If you just market “at” your audience, it means you’re most likely talking at them and not “with” them! Taking the time to understand the deepest needs and issues of your ideal clients and creating a movement “with” your target audience will make the most significant impact in growing your brand. How can you be the uncommon brand and challenge the status quo?

How can you be the person who asks, communicates and makes the effort at all times to understand what the people around you are asking for, instead of just telling them what they need?

Brand Mistake #8: A Limiting Mindset

When it comes to achieving the success you’ve always dreamed of, limiting beliefs and fears can sabotage the very things you desire to achieve. The
biggest gift we can give ourselves is to stop limiting thinking and get out of our own way. Unlimited, next-level thinking sets the path for achieving high payoff goals that keep pushing you upward to the next level. Those who do not learn how to live in alignment with purposeful contribution or work in the world, who are not authentic, will find themselves left behind.

Personal Brand Mistake #9: Lack of Authenticity

We are living in what I call the Era of Authenticity. Being authentic often means stripping away the layers of everything that doesn't belong to you – years of outdated beliefs of business coaches, the old ways of shameless marketing, and being able to listen to your soul and get into alignment with your core values.

When you are able to bring these qualities and your real life’s story into your business and powerfully share it with your audience, now you’re living authentically.

Be true to yourself, let your passion and value show through, and you’ll be captivating, magnetic, and irresistible. Fail to be true to your value, fail to live authentically and you will repel without knowing why.

Personal Brand Mistake #10: Not knowing “the other” language you speak

Did you know that roughly 93% of communication is non-verbal? Before you even say “hello” you’re already sending a very clear message that others are using to form their first impression of you. Facial expression, body language, energy, appearance, style, self care, health, image and body weight – they are all working together as a secret language that others will “hear” as they make their first impressions of you. Learning to master that secret language however, can help you make the leap toward radiating a captivating, magnetic personality and draws in the exact kind of people you want.

Here’s the bottom line.

These 10 things can make or break your personal brand in a matter of mere seconds. I challenge you to take a deeper look at your own personal brand and if/how you are living it. Done wrong, and you leave it up to your market to figure out who you are and what you do, as if solving a Rubik’s Cube. Done right, and they will seek you out, trust your position as an authority and be inspired to work with you again and again.

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