3 Quick and Easy Ways to Become Irresistible on Social Media

Social media is fun, easy to use and often gives you immediate satisfaction for your time. When you use social media to support your business, however, strategy comes into the equation. Many people focus on the little details like what time of day they post, and using the right hashtags and keywords. But what they don’t know, that I’m about to share with you, is that there are foundational elements that are absolutely game changing for being able to build a highly successful brand via social media.

By following the three key elements I’m sharing below, you can build your following easily on social media in the way that will captivate “friends” and “followers” who will be more compelled by you and your message and want to click through to read more. You can easily integrate the following three elements into your brand’s social media to entice readers, create immediate emotional impact, and make your brand truly irresistible online.

Warning: the following may help create a tribe of hungry loyal fans who will depend on everything you post!

Create an Extraordinary Brand Image

Did you know that you only have 1/10th of a second to make a first impression?

We’re not just talking about the first time you shake someone’s hand; this applies to your image online, as well, especially when it comes to social media. The photos you use in your social media content may actually be doing you harm if they aren’t created with an understanding of the message you want to send and a brand strategy to guide you. Without an understanding of what I call the 93% factor, the fact that roughly 93% of all your communication is nonverbal, social media images can repel people in a subconscious way, failing to make the connection you desire or the impact you need.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend having a personal brand photo shoot. Images that clearly and consistently convey the right message for your brand will immediately make you stand out in the social media crowd. When you are planning your photo session, create in your mind the energy of exactly who you are and what you stand for in your brand. Then shoot every image in a way that conveys that energy powerfully in your images. This will guarantee that your images will resonate and connect with your target audience on a deeper subconscious level as they will feel you, emotionally connect with you and you have the benefit of creating a memorable, irresistible experience for them.

Your body language speaks volumes in your images! In fact, people are looking for your images first as that is typically the best way they form their first impression with you that is either going to repel or make the strongest connection. I often see many mistakes in peoples brand images that cause a disconnect. Simple things like your facial expressions, arms crossed, body turned in a way that says, “I’m unavailable.” Remember that everything is energy and one of the greatest things I can share with you about your photography shoot…is talk “with” your people through the lens. Tell them what you want most for them with your eyes and facial expressions. Trust me. This is an enormous success tip!

Be the Flame and Bring the Fire

When you sit down to write your social media posts, no matter where you are or what you are doing, always put your best energy into what you say. Bring the fire! Don’t be phony or say what you think others want you to say. Don’t shy away from saying something that not everyone might agree with. Have something powerful to say and Just Say It!

One constant that you MUST have throughout everything you write in your social media, though, is to exude positivity. Don’t vent. Don’t complain. From your original posts to comments and conversations, keep everything positive. More people respond to positive messages than negative ones. Be the person who stands up in social media and makes a brilliant impression again and again. Your readers will be drawn, irresistibly, to your flame.

Be Raw, Be Real and Be Relevant

Here’s something you probably haven’t been told before: Social Media isn’t about YOU, it’s about THEM. When you are using social media, write and interact with content that is relevant for your audience. I know my connections are here to learn about personal and business branding, strategy & positioning from me. So when I write, I think first about them:

Think of it like this: With social media, it’s like everyone is tuned into the same radio station. There is a lot of noise on that channel – everyone is talking all at once. And your target audience is thinking “What’s In It For Me?” You literally have to show up powerfully, have the fire, and be relevant in order to stand out from the crowd and be seen as a leader when it comes to the issues they care about. Do this – and you’re the one they will immediately tune in to as the go-to authority source in the world of social media. The next time you tune in to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social media venue, let these three elements guide you and you’ll quickly become truly irresistible online.

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