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  • Keynote Speaking

    Michelle has a way of moving people to think, act and feel inspired and motivated to succeed in the social era of building a successful brand.

  • In-House Leadership Chats

    Not afraid to tell it like it is and be raw, real and relevant. She talks all things branding, marketing, social media, startup, and entrepreneurship.

  • Customized Workshops & Talks

    She leaves audiences on their feet, ready for action!

Custom #AskMVO Shows, Interviews or Marketing Videos

A personal or customized keynote speech, talk, workshop, interview or video can be tailored to serve the efforts of your business or organization.

What do other conference leaders say about Michelle’s speaking?

“Watching Michelle speak, the audience is immediately arrested by her presence. She has a
calming effect and a likability that make her one of the best speakers I've seen.”
- Evan Bailyn, Author of Outsmarting Google, CEO & Founder at First Page Sage and Good Media

“Your talk received rave reviews! Thank you for enlightening us again...”
- Tina Aberg, Applied Micro

“From the moment you see Michelle take the stage, you are witnessing inspiration in action...
it's something that you can feel... on the inside. She not only has amazing tools to share with
your audience, but her message comes from the heart and a space of integrity that can only
come from someone who has lived the transformation she teaches. I love Michelle, her speaking
style and her genuine desire to serve. I will have her speaking on my stage and you should too.”
- Mark Allen Grainger, Grainger Leadership Institute

“Michelle delivers an awesome message of empowering oneself to be the best that they can be.
She is an amazing role model of how you can take control of how you show up in life. I am
always excited to have Michelle on my stage because we know our audience will walk away with
real life action items that they can implement right away.”
- Caren Taubman Glasser, Co-founder & CPO at Promote Your Passion

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