MVO'S Top 6 Ways To Crush It In 2015

1. BELIEVE in your amazing self. You are way more extraordinary than you give yourself credit for. Trust me. If you, as the vibrant human you are, knew that if you actually dropped all the negative garbage stories you spin in your head about yourself and focused instead on how powerful you are at manifesting, innovating and would learn to love and appreciate yourself a WHIOLE lot more than the stories/limiting beliefs. You CAN drop the stories BTW πŸ™‚ Tell the new ones of who you are and where you're going. (See #3 to back this up!)

2. Work like your life depends on it...because it does. Putting your business on a pedestal as the highest and greatest point of focus is of the utmost importance. If your house was on fire and your children were inside you'd do whatever it took to save them! Act this same way when building your company. This does not mean ignore everyone else who is important in your life either. It means between the hours of 9-5 M-F at least, do this.

3. Do what it takes instead of just be comfortable talking about it. Being an action taker is the most critical component in achieving any level of success. This is why most fail. They talk about it. Not do.

4. Set a daily agenda of COMPLETING (keyword) no more than 3 goals for the day habitually. Ive been sharing a lot about goal setting and goal vision boards here go check that out too! Choose quarterly, monthly and weekly goals that you can break down into micro goals. Ask yourself how much time per day do you actually spend doing work and how much is devoted to "busy" work vs productivity that produces R&R (results & revenues)?

5. Align yourself with a *paid* mentor who will help you build right from the start, implement the right strategies, actually help you create a lucrative platform and help set goals and accountability to achieving specific milestones. Your brain needs the tension of deadlines to push you to do what others simply will not. Period. A strategist, mentor or highly qualified consultant (check them out first) is a must. If you fail to invest in yourself, you create a money energy that prevent others from investing in you in return. You CAN always find the money too, so don't make money an excuse. Money IS energy.

6. Take time to rest and rejuvenate because periods of intense work MUST be balanced with extreme rest of your mind and body. Eat right! Eat clean...super clean if you can. Eat crap and you will feel like crap. Feel like crap and others will feel that vibration. You train others how to invest in you by how well you care for yourself (self love, self value & self worth = your own economy of abundance). So just do it and don't make excuses for why you cant..

I wish each and every single one of you the greatest year of your life.
Every day is an opportunity to become more and take another step.
Get the vision and clarity of what you want first.
Be CRYSTAL clear about what you want with all the details hammered out.
See my previous posts about Vision and Goals here on my wall.
There is always more than this....

I sincerely hope this resonates for you. If it does share πŸ™‚ If not...blessings anyway!

love & prosperity my friend,



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