I need to create preeminent branding that attracts & converts

Why this is important:

Branding goes far beyond just a logo or a graphic icon. For most entrepreneurs and companies, they make the crucial mistake of taking the power of strategically developing your brand for granted.

When thinking about developing your ‘branding’ it really begins with thinking through every single touch point of the entire customer experience…

  • Your logo and icon, and how it will be perceived
  • Website
  • Mobile devices
  • Social image and messaging
  • Social media experiences
  • Ads
  • Sales process
  • How the customer feels from the individual answering the phone and handling order
  • Customer systems for ordering/delivering the product/service
  • Your staff or team
  • The overall experience of your product/service and business
  • The referral process in place to use word of mouth referral marketing

When you look at defining your brand, considering all these aspects, it can be a bit overwhelming to think about all that goes into developing your brand.  Essentially, what you are doing is building your fortress in the marketplace. You want to own the perception and reputation you want in the mind of your target customers. And with everyone who experiences you and your brand.

Great brands don’t just happen through osmosis… they are a well thought out, intentional and strategically planned outcome.

Many small organizations and start-ups neglect spending necessary time thinking about their brand in this broad sense and the impact it has on their business. There are 10 reasons why your brand is critically important to begin with:

  • Branding sets you up to build a long-term relationship that customers feel great about and ultimately ‘comfortable’ with like their favorite jeans.
  • Positioning is what defines you in your marketplace, sets you apart from the competition and creates ownership of your place in the market and in the minds of your target customers.
  • Your brand identity should tell the story of your brand and possess the ability to create instant brand recognition.
  • Developing the right branding is taking ownership of your company’s most valuable asset…your reputation.
  • How you define and tell the story of your good work to the world matters most. People buy why you do what you do before they care about anything you’re selling.
  • Your brand needs to inspire, motivate and transform your customers and employees into your biggest brand evangelists. It’s an inside out job that starts with leadership and your team.
  • A strong brand generates buzz and lots of referrals. People wear brands, eat brands, listen to brands, produce with brands, and constantly tell others about the brands they love and prefer.
  • Customers will spend more money with brands that are consistent at setting expectations. A brand that is consistent and clear puts the customer’s mind at ease. Customers are happy when they know exactly what to expect.
  • Your brand represents a promise. What does your brand really say about you, about the value you offer and what you’re going to deliver (promise) to the customer?
  • A clear, concise brand strategy becomes the compass to help you stay focused on your mission and vision as an organization. Your branding and brand strategy create the bedrock foundation that sets up your entire sales and marketing for the win, helping you avoid costly mistakes in the future.

The best branding is built upon a strong foundation. One that you and your team can be inspired by, commits to, and builds upon.

Common mistakes we have identified:

The 24 Biggest Mistakes We’ve Identified When It Comes To Creating Branding That Attracts and Converts

  • Not telling the story of your good work to the world in the way that builds a ‘we” connection with an inspired community
  • Not developing social brand strategy as a critical component of the overall brand strategy
  • Logo: creates disconnect, associated with a similar distasteful brand/experience, too busy, doesn’t scale well into smaller social icon, does not tell the brand story well
  • Brand name is not scalable, creates a disconnect, or hurts the brand because it is already associated with another brand, or is creating “brand-shame”
  • Not creating the right engagement in social media in order to build a tribe
  • Not using social media to grow the brand and make sales
  • Not developing the customer experience in every touchpoint…considering every aspect of the platform, process/es, products, service, systems, team
  • Wrong/confusing branding keeps you from attracting/closing higher level clients
  • Poor judgment calls socially and in advertising (i.e.: funny in that way that’s offensive, controversial can often backfire)
  • Not having a brand strategy or the one you do have isn't right
  • Trying to be too "authentic & real" and attempts at standing out backfire

  • Hiring the wrong people who hurt your brand especially when employees post about your company/brand socially in very negative ways
  • Wrong brand messaging/language that does not connect or resonate
  • Not creating and cultivating your personal brand as a critical component of overall brand strategy
  • “People never forget how you made them feel”
  • Stupidity! Accidentally overlooking offending content, ads or marketing...something people/media never forget and will Tweet into eternity
  • No Reputation management
  • Public blunders or first impressions you can't take back
  • Rebranding when that was not the best option
  • Not rebranding when this is clearly the best choice
  • Failing at perfecting your product or service
  • Leadership is an abysmal failure and costing you more than you're willing to admit
  • Not managing reviews or asking for good ones from your clients/customers
  • Your brand Process is creating very unhappy customers

How We Solve This…

At Profit Ventures, we know that any lucrative empire must be built upon a strong, impenetrable foundation. Developing your Branding is that foundation.

No one can copy a strong persuasive brand that is built right from the start. In fact, your company’s brand – the relationship and reputation you’ve built with your customers - is something no one can copy. You own it forever. Therefore, you have one shot to get it right.
This is exactly what we work to achieve here at Profit Ventures. Because it’s not enough to just be ‘authentic and relevant.’
In order to achieve the level of a preeminent market leader, branding is a vital decision that results in inspiring your organization, winning the heart and mind of your customers and transforming your bottom line from the inside out.

If building your brand foundation for success and avoiding costly mistakes is something you’re looking into right now, talk with us.

In one call we can collaborate and tell you exactly what your greatest opportunities are for developing or refining your brand. On that call we create an actionable plan that starts you on the path, regardless of whether you choose to have us implement that plan with you, or not.

You can easily schedule a call in seconds by clicking here...

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