I need to develop a top performing, profitable leadership team

Why Leadership Is So Important…

Leadership may be one of the single most important factors that creates the entire ethos of your organization and sets up your team to achieve peak productivity and drive results. Your company’s ability to succeed through challenges, plateaus and levels of growth are highly dependent upon many leadership factors.

What’s most important to consider is that Leadership has become distorted over the years. What we mean is leaders have become ‘people managers.’ Managers who fall short of seeking to more deeply understand and know people well, and develop them and their capabilities based on that deeper understanding. Many leaders unknowingly fail in adopting the right style to apply in the right context at the right time. True mentorship (which is really leadership individualized) is sorely missing, because great leaders actually seek out even greater leaders, to lead them!

But the great disconnect is that leaders have simply become reduced to managers. And the real truth is, no one wants to be managed! This unintentional blindness has lead to the abundance of micro managers, cancers and wrong hires who end up eroding and degrading an organization, rather than building it up and moving it forward. We end up choking our performance, profitability and ultimately our success.

Employees and managers suffer from a lack of awareness in how to perceive their contextual roles and communicate efficiently. Comprehending that context is critically important in order to work. We don’t get into the ‘world’ of the people we’re leading, so we have no context to really understand each other.  Let alone support our growth.

Companies waste hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in ‘leadership training’ and motivation. Having Tony Robbins come speak at your organization may be great energy…but in 2 days that vaporizes and real change and growth is still at the same level it was before.

Another critical factor must be in place in order for any organization to have the best chances of leading for success. That factor is the origin of ethos and growth. It’s your ‘why.’ Why needs to be at the core of everything you do and everyone who works within your organization or team in order to lead your people and your industry.

‘Why’ is the literally the single most important vibe of your ethos, brand and ability to thrive and endure. Every decision and action has to be sourced from, and in alignment with ‘why.’ Because when things get tough, and they always will at some point, your ‘why’ is what brings people back into alignment with what matters, the purpose that drives you forward as an organization. Otherwise people become disjointed and start blaming circumstances, and have no real source of inspiration to fall back on to get through the tough challenges.

We are pioneering a new paradigm for leadership and purpose driven performance.  We invite you to learn how our process can help you become an unstoppable force in your industry as a result of our work together.

Common mistakes we have identified:

First, 30 Biggest Mistakes We’ve Identified When It Comes to Business Growth Through Leadership…

  • Now having a well developed ‘why’ and as such the entire ethos suffers from a lack of connection to purpose that drives the business forward
  • Not having the language of your why and the value you offer your market clearly defined in a way that every member of the company can recite verbatim and feel proud and inspired to aligned with
  • Companies can waste hundreds of thousands each year on ‘quick fix’ leadership training or motivation that fails to change anything let alone fix the real core problems!
  • Not having a sustainable solution in place to constantly help develop and evolve leadership and the ethos of the organization
  • “If something is wrong, my people must be the reason why” = no real responsibility
  • Talent selection is rarely a win win – most companies hire to quickly and have a complete breakdown in efficiency in the hiring processes
  • Companies make hiring decisions based on Myers Briggs and other personality assessments that are completely one dimensional and fail to reveal best insights
  • Don't use your windows of probation with a real system to assess talent, and let people go within that window who aren’t the right fit
  • Not creating clear defined expectations and communication of those expectation within leadership, teams, divisions and every level so the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing, and blame sets in
  • Setting clear goals and expectations of each employee and setting them up to succeed
  • No human engagement systems – the way employees are reviewed and assessed is like the elephant in the room no one wants to address, with managers writing their own assessments, employees marking their own checklists, none of which produce any real shifts and changes to grow the organization and help mentor individuals
  • The old corporate hierarchy model promotes a complete disconnect from productivity, performance, innovation and results…the old model and paradigm are broken and no linger fit
  • Not embracing and utilizing diversity through your business model!

  • Teams are not aligned around individual contributors and don't know how to work well with other teams
  • No real metrics behind human performance and productivity
  • Hiding or avoiding the real issues or levels of employee frustration that causes breakdown in ethos
  • No permission for authenticity within the organization in the way that truly connects people
  • No assessment of market conditions or system for how your organization is able to move through market conditions as a whole
  • Struggle to push through revenue plateaus and breakthrough with the current team and structure of the organization
  • Not aligning teams to serve goals and perform well together
  • No human element that can align with really developing leadership capabilities
  • Overloading systems without understanding intensity, complexity and diversity
  • Offices have become garbage dumps for the wrong food to fuel people
  • Employees suffer from stress, feel too overwhelmed to take care of themselves and put their health first, and are such, not functioning or performing their best
  • Leadership becomes an expensive game of the trail and error trap, going through one individual after another
  • Companies bleed money from making bad hire choices with middle managers to top executive costing upwards of 300 to 400% of their annual salary EACH to replace them (several bad hires per year can cost you dearly!)
  • Profitability is blown from making bad hire decisions and having a broken system for leadership
  • HR is an liability vs. an asset
  • Only 25% of employees believe their organization has the necessary leadership to succeed
  • A small fraction of employees hired have the real capability for innovation and leadership success

How We Solve This…

We work closely with your organization to deeply assess your challenges, needs and goals. We dive into your ethos, purpose, why and values and make sure your foundation is solidly developed first.

After deep assessments, we develop evidence based human analytics and data, personalized to your organization, creating your own customized software that helps you assess and best utilize your human capital to align with market conditions, and empower leadership that drives performance and profitability.

With our guidance you can build the most highly effective organization around employee teams through actionable intelligence that enables leadership to make real time informed decisions, and actions that are aligned with those decisions. We fix the REAL core problem that causes the problem.
We help you build and grow your business with a model and system that is truly designed to produce results and ROI. The work we do together eliminates loss, boosts profits and aligns leadership with ethos and results.
If you want to learn how we can work with you to take your leadership, human capital management and capabilities to the next level, setting up your entire organization for exceptional levels of success…talk with us. 

In one call we can collaborate and create an actionable strategic plan, regardless of whether you choose to have us implement that plan with you, or not.  

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