I need to develop and implement the best marketing strategies possible

Why this is important:

First of all, it’s important for you to understand that you can’t afford NOT to have strategic marketing working for you in your business.  Traditional marketing and advertising methods that once worked, ie…yellow pages, magazine ads, billboards and the radio commercials are no longer effective.  People have become blind to these methods and many are irrelevant or not the best use of marketing spend.

Even the world of social media marketing has created a blindness to advertising that makes figuring out how to get the attention of your target avatar, and convert them into customers/clients, a challenge.

Not only that, but the simple fact that the growing use of smart phones means your customers are relying more heavily on using their phones vs. their computer to search for interests, connect with brands, friends and colleagues and shop.

The thing that most businesses fail to understand is that a solid overall business strategy and brand strategy must be in pace first before developing your marketing plan. And Strategic marketing is a considerable piece of the equation for your online or digital marketing efforts.

You need a team that knows how to help you develop the exact right plan and strategies. One that can automate processes, integrate with Social Media and measure the results at the same time.

Common mistakes we have identified:

26 Biggest Mistakes We’ve Identified When It Comes to Marketing Strategy…

  • Not doing the foundational, big-picture work to know whom you’re talking to, what they need, want, interests, fears, and ultimate motivations. All the other mistakes are a result stemming from this major guffaw.
  • If your product isn't the best in its segment, the best in its region, or unusual enough to differentiate itself from everyone else, you should be spending 100% of your energy into fixing the product–not marketing the substandard product you've already got
  • Believing your product does everything, and your target market is anyone who has money to spend, and/or you don’t have competition
  • Changing your company’s positioning depending on the audience, marketing vehicle used, or person delivering it
  • Not having positioning language that clearly defines who you are and what you offer, strongly differentiates you from competition, and can be delivered consistently by every employee
  • Developing marketing programs or materials that fizzle out in the sales process and never get used by the sales team
  • Aggressively marketing a skill set, technology, product, or service that has not been tested or validated
  • Not using the marketing mix effectively and fixating on only one marketing vehicle to promote a company and/or its products
  • Not having a comprehensive strategic marketing plan doing the right strategy and planning upfront based on the foundation work
  • Not taking social media into consideration
  • Over strategizing! Too much is not a good thing

  • Not using internet marketing effectively
  • Not Tracking Your KPIs and Marketing Results
  • Focusing too Heavily on Big-Budget Marketing Items
  • Lack of researching and testing
  • Your positioning is all wrong and isn’t working
  • Focus is not on the solution or outcome….but rather on selling all the bells and whistles or features
  • Value proposition is completely ineffective and wrong or not knowing how and where your value proposition needs to be placed on the page
  • USP is not singling you out from your competition
  • Thinking too much like the business owner and making the mistake of assuming you know your market vs. thinking like your buyer
  • Not building buyer insights or developing customer avatars
  • 95% of the marketing and sales messages kill sales and business due to technical biz lingo blabbery and “smart” jargon that's overcomplicated and over folk’s heads. KISS!
  • Even the BEST marketing can never gloss over an inferior product
  • No definition of what a qualified lead is. Ambiguity inevitably results in wasted effort and the high sales cost of pursuing leads that will never pan out
  • Overspending on Collateral
  • No Sales Process

How We Solve This…

Strategic Marketing is what we do best.  You will find that our team of global talent is one of the most advanced teams you will ever come across in the marketing world.

We understand every aspect of the big picture from start to finish, plan and implement strategies and systems, building out very strategic solutions that start with your website or pages as the central hub, linked and integrated with all Social Media platforms that form a web matrix built for online success.

The result is targeted traffic that comes to you to seek your business as the premiere choice, builds up your brand to very credible levels, brings you consistent new leads and sales, and gives you the freedom to focus on growing your business.
If you’re using old outdated traditional methods that can’t be measured, and aren’t producing the results you really want to achieve, STOP.  It’s time for you and your business to start adopting real effective marketing strategies that can be measured and scaled to epic proportions.
If developing the right online marketing strategies to grow and leverage your business, capitalize on social marketing opportunities, while avoiding costly mistakes is something you’re looking into right now…talk with us.

In one call we can collaborate and tell you exactly what your greatest opportunities are for developing a strategic online marketing plan that drives next level revenues. On that call we create an actionable plan that starts you on the path, regardless of whether you choose to have us implement that plan with you, or not.

You can easily schedule a call in seconds by clicking here...

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