I need to figure out how to work smarter/more efficiently to accelerate growth

Why this is important:

In the spirit of calling a spade a spade, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. Most recall this commonplace saying…but then allow themselves to remain trapped on the hamster wheel or repeating patterns.

Breaking through plateaus and stepping off the hamster wheel for good requires clearly defining where you are going, what the exact outcome you expect to achieve will be and begin to create a plan that is reverse engineered to get you to that exact outcome. You also have to clearly identify the mindset, patterns, actions and outcomes you no longer want to accept within yourself or your organization as part of the ‘norm’ or comfort zone.

We’ve been mentoring, coaching, consulting and guiding CEOs, entrepreneurs and employee teams for 2 decades.

There isn’t a single subconscious sabotaging pattern that is secretly affecting your business growth, or obstacle or challenge we haven’t been able to effectively overcome. We help you create world-class leadership solutions and actionable plans for achieving smart, efficient next level goals.

Without this level of coaching and mentorship, making focused breakthroughs and growing your business to the next level is nearly impossible.

Common mistakes we have identified:

The 19 Biggest Mistakes We’ve Identified When It Comes to Working Smarter…

  • “Holding all the knowledge” and not really trusting that someone else can actually contribute to the success of your company
  • Not knowing how to empower those around you in ways that drive them to take action to grow the company
  • After making a significant revenue breakthrough where you go from nothing to finally having revenue and a paycheck and you take your foot off the gas
  • Not leveraging your existing products/services or team
  • Building a team around your weaknesses so you have a balanced team that supports every strength and is unstoppable
  • Not having a plan for yourself as CEO to evolve in your business evolution and growth
  • Focus on creating processes and systems for everything you do so you can train others to take them over
  • Not learning to delegate or outsource…and say no to over committing yourself
  • Not having a daily success ritual and routines for yourself so that you aren’t burning yourself out or being unproductive
  • Not mastering your habits

  • Turning a blind eye to individuals within your organization that are known ‘cancers’ bringing your company’s performance and profitability down the drain
  • Continually saying how ‘busy’ you are…being busy is not the same as being massively productive
  • Measuring time and not RESULTS
  • Not knowing how to tap into the power of human data and analytics to build a winning organization (move HR from a liability to an asset)
  • Not tracking where you are being inefficient, and unproductive
  • Avoiding diving into every aspect of your profitability and focusing on creating solutions to increase profits
  • Failing to constantly strive to improve every aspect of your business and the customer experience
  • Not having CLEAR, specific, measurable goals for very specific aspects of business and life
  • Not taking time to rejuvenate your body, mind, emotions and spirit daily and bringing ways to balance and rejuvenate your team daily into your organization

How We Solve This…

“Everyone thinks net profit drives stock price, but what really drives stock price is productivity. Some might say Return on HCI and Human Capital ROI Ratio are synthetic profit metrics, but we see them as productivity metrics – the return on people’s productivity. And when those numbers improve, your stock price jumps.”

We are highly trained and skilled in every aspect of optimizing human performance and profitability. We know that humans are often their own worst enemy and as such, will fight subconscious battles within themselves to keep things ‘comfortable’ and or sabotage results to maintain the status quo and current internal beliefs.

We work closely with CEOs, leaders and teams to tap right into successful productivity through creating highly effective solutions that result in peak profitability. We combine top tier coaching, world-class leadership training and Human Capital Management systems that give you your greatest ROI from your most powerful resource…your people.
We target the individual drivers and deeper insights needed to create innovative human capital ROI solutions that set you and your organization up to hit every next level goal.
We can show you how you can use Human Data & Analytics to help you hire the right individuals, avoiding the biggest drains on profitability each year, and structure your teams to be highly efficient and results oriented to drive purpose and the bottom line.

If you’re interested in learning how these things can help you achieve peak efficiency, productivity and profitability…talk with us and learn how these solutions set you apart from your competition. 

In one call we can collaborate and create an actionable plan, regardless of whether you choose to have us implement that plan with you, or not.

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