I need to make more profits from my online sales funnels, ads/marketing efforts

Why this is important:

Data from HubSpot reveals that 68% of B2B sales organizations have not even identified their sales funnel. We even polled our market and discovered that 73% of our potential client base did not have a sales funnel and are not leveraging their products/services using online marketing efforts! Ouch!

Developing the right sales funnel can be a very lucrative decision for any business to invest in to yield exceptional ROI and completely automate and leverage your sales process. We can show you how setting up your sales funnels is a must in order to advance your marketing capabilities and grow your company revenues to the next level.

A sales funnel is an absolute necessity to ensure that your company is taking a regimented, methodical, well-organized approach to building relationships with customers and increasing sales.

We focus on innovating, building, developing and optimizing sales funnels for maximum conversions. Every business is unique in their needs and offerings. Utilizing sales funnels in your marketing and advertising is one of the smartest opportunities you can seize to maximize your online marketing ROI and nurture your leads and relationships with your potential and current customers.

Common mistakes we have identified:

The 11 Biggest Mistakes We’ve Identified in Building Online Sales Funnels, Online Advertising and Marketing efforts…

  • Not jumping in sooner and missing lucrative market opportunities
  • Not marketing to an ideal avatar
  • Not knowing how to package and price your offer to create value and sales
  • Spending too much on advertising costs BEFORE you have the funnel converting
  • Failure to be patient and properly do A/B split testing and make corrections
  • Choosing a niche that Is too competitive

  • Not correcting conversion blunders fast enough
  • Selling something you THINK your market wants vs. selling them something they are searching for and want that solves a big problem they have
  • Using the wrong layout, design or copy
  • Taking too long to create your funnels
  • Not working with professionals who know how to build and optimize this correctly for you

How We Solve This…

Our approach is based on in depth discussion with you and your team to learn all we can about your business, your goals and learn what makes you best in your market.
We dive in to do extensive market research and data analysis and uncover the answers to key questions that matter most:

  • Why do people buy the type of products and services you sell?
  • What’s the ultimate outcome they’re after?
  • How do we develop the right winning value proposition?
  • If customers aren’t buying, why? Or why not buying more?
  • What are their main concerns, doubts, and hesitations?
  • What turns them off?
  • Which steps in your sales funnel are scaring people away?
  • Which parts of your website/landing pages turn potential buyers off?
  • What do they want to know, but can’t find on your site?
  • Which mistakes are costing you dearly?
  • Which parts of your landing pages or funnel are actually performing well and should be kept?

If developing a highly optimized sales funnel that will grow and leverage your sales, and avoids making costly mistakes or missed opportunity is something you’re looking into right now…talk with us. 

In one call we can collaborate and tell you exactly what your greatest opportunities are for developing a lucrative sales funnel that drives next level revenues. On that call we create an actionable plan, regardless of whether you choose to have us implement that plan with you, or not.

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