I need to make more sales in my business

Why this is important:

Your ability to make sales, at the end of the day, is seen as the consummate benchmark for measuring your business success. And let’s be real. No matter how many sales people, the level of shiny new technology you use or how many apps you have in the market, if your business is not making sales, you’re dead in the water.

We exist in a time where we’re bombarded with an overwhelming source of data and metrics to pay attention to from social media stats like your Klout ranking, number of fans, likes, Tweets, clicks, engagement to numerous other KPIs and analytics.

The truth is, the only things that matter are: Are you generating leads? Are you making sales? And what’s next?

You need:

  • A comprehensive well thought out strategic plan for business growth, first
  • Strategic marketing plan, next
  • And a complete sales strategy, last…

However, if making sales is the sole focus in building your business, you’re headed for real trouble. Unless you’re optimizing for the lifetime value of a customer, you’re about to make one giant mistake!

But let’s be real, sales is about making money, yes. And money is the fuel for everything to thrive. However. Your sales are also a measurement for how well key areas of your business are working, or not.

For example, sales indicate if your company has purpose by addressing a need. No sales mean that something is wrong. Either your product or service does not meet a need, or your marketing communication is not promoting the product/service properly, or the sales process should be adjusted.

There are numerous ways to assess and address corrections. Let’s look at the most common fundamental mistakes we see clients make...

Common mistakes we have identified:

The 14 Biggest Mistakes We’ve Identified When it Comes To Making More Sales…

  • Don’t know the market or customer well enough
  • Have not created an avatar that you focus on selling to
  • The ‘value’ of what you do or sell is not properly languaged or communicated
  • Don’t know how to create the right offers and how to leverage existing products or services to increase value
  • If it’s online, the “value proposition” is not right and not converting and may not be in the right area of your online site or page
  • Poor copy or language
  • Don’t know how to use or leverage social media

  • Sales person may not know their own value or lack confidence/sales training
  • No online sales funnel, or if there is one it’s not optimized for conversion
  • Not leveraging the right strategies
  • No branding/or branding creates a disconnect or does not resonate
  • Have not done focus groups/ideal customer interviews to test the product/services and gain deep insights
  • Focused on traffic….not conversions
  • Not listening to your sales team which is the frontline for every bit of critical feedback and source of decision making

How We Solve This…

We look at each and every client’s business uniquely, and each set of challenges with a fresh eye and address them individually. By making clear, concise assessments into every aspect of the business, team, processes and systems, we can clearly identify and address each area that needs attention.
For many companies, it’s hard to see your own forest through the trees. Business consulting, product evaluation, deep team assessments, strategic marketing, positioning, value proposition, online marketing, process evaluation and diving into the customer experience are what we do best to help you avoid making costly mistakes.
These things matter! It’s always about assessing what is and is not working and putting the right strategic plan of action in place to break through challenges and plateaus to overtake the next level. The complex nature of your business and every moving part that makes up the entirety of its functionality is something we take a 360-degree approach to when we work together.

If increasing your sales potential while avoiding costly mistakes is something you’re looking into right now, talk with us.

In one call we can alleviate stress, and tell you exactly what your best opportunities are. On that call we create an actionable plan that starts you on the path, regardless of whether you choose to have us implement that plan with you, or not.

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