I want to develop a market leading product or service but don't know where to start

Why this is important:

You have one shot to get your product developed right. We have been leaders in developing technology software platforms for the past several years.

Being one of our greatest strengths, we make sure several critically important factors are considered to develop a winning product and platform:

  • Extensive analysis and research of your industry and target market/s (identifying primary and potentially secondary target market) so that you can collaboratively innovate first to market solutions and technology that leads.
  • Carefully planning the phases of development and making sure to build in habit-forming hooks that will create sticky factors for consistent use.
  • Exceptional User Experience Design that takes into account every aspect of usability, with ease of use, smart simplicity, accessibility and habit forming pleasure and rewards for using the product.
  • Deeply understand your customer’s desires, behaviors and motivations in the way that allows you to develop your product/service to elicit the desired behavior of your customer/user
  • Create a very highly effective ‘go-to-market strategy’

Common mistakes we have identified:

The 34 Biggest Mistakes We’ve Identified When It Comes to Developing Products…

  • Underestimating the amount of funding it takes to develop a product/platform/brand
  • Aligning with the right mentors, consultants and development team
  • Not performing the deep insightful industry, market and customer research along with analyzing relevant data BEFORE jumping into action
  • Rushing the product to market heading right into sales without branding
  • Not developing a full-fledged marketing plan and launch strategy and implementing it
  • Not testing your product extensively with a beta group of ‘Super Users’
  • Not performing a soft-launch in beta
  • Making product too complicated or not simple in logic
  • It doesn’t solve a major itch for a niche…it’s got to solve problems
  • Fails to hook users subconsciously to create habitual use so people keep wanting to use it consistently
  • UX is not right
  • Not building habit formation hooks into the DNA of your products and business models
  • Relying on paid advertising to acquire new users
  • Building your applications to spam users contact lists for the purpose of inviting new users to join a service
  • Relying too heavily on viral growth
  • “Downloaded by millions, but used by few”
  • Underestimating the power of offering immense value to get users to commit as they become increasingly tied to using the app/product/service
  • Failing to deeply understand your customer’s desires, behaviors and motivations in the way that allows you to develop your product to elicit the desired behavior of your customer/user

  • Not measuring analysis and RETENTION rates of active users vs. growth
  • Product teams often look to the marketing team, or the sales function or the customer to help them define the product to be built. Big mistake!
  • Innovation without a clear purpose is simply technology looking for a problem to solve
  • Confusing yourself with your customer
  • Confusing features with benefits
  • Putting anything else as a higher priority than the ultimate goal of having happy customers successfully using your product
  • Giving up too soon; moving on to the next product, or getting distracted
  • Confusing improving functionality with improving product
  • Not building a great product and not making sure the product can become the foundation to support the business to be successful
  • The person who buys the product to address a business requirement doesn’t have the same concerns as the people who sit down to use the product every day
  • Product fails to offer enough value to the customer
  • The product’s value proposition — which should be crystal clear, simple and compelling — needs to speak to the benefits, not the features
  • Not tracking performance closely post-launch and prepping for different outcomes
  • Not using social media to your advantage/properly in pre-launch and in marketing
  • Trying to scale internationally without a proper strategic plan
  • Confusing product release with product success…the success is in the achievement of specific objectives, not in your launch party

How We Solve This…

We’re very proud to have a world-class team of full time developers, startup mentors, consultants and advisors who are truly exceptional in every category of their particular expertise.

If you’re developing or launching a product or at the point in your startup growth phase where you are ready for development, mentorship, consulting, branding and marketing…talk with us. 

In one call we can collaborate and create an actionable strategic plan, regardless of whether you choose to have us implement that plan with you, or not.

You can easily schedule a call in seconds by clicking here...

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