Last of my beloved dear friends whom I have known for many years... finally revealed to me that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.

I fought back tears during our time last night to just love her and be with her.

She’s been like a second mother to me. I adore her. She’s a pure spirit and gives unconditionally and is one of the most talented beautiful beings I have ever known. She developed Active Release Technique for horses and has been a featured ART and massage practitioner for Ironman in Hawaii every year. She's devoted to natural health and eats a very clean diet. Although...there is a lot to be said about even the level of eating clean as even that can be less "clean" than you think. Organic foods you buy in Trader Joe's and Whole Foods for example aren't necessarily organic. But that's another subject…because... My POINT in this post is this...We ALL need to "Wake Up."

What would happen if we stopped focusing on all our own self-obsessed thoughts about ourselves and all the useless energy and emotions we waste focusing on so many things that are not worth stressing about?

What would happen if we stopped focusing on and taking away from the best quality of life we can allow ourselves and others to experience in this short time we have here on earth?

What if we stopped telling other people how “BUSY” we are?

What would we accomplish if we got out of our own self-induced drama and tuned in and learned to be present, conscious, aware of the bigger picture and deeply connected to our purpose here?

How much energy are you wasting daily focusing on things that keeping you from living your best life? Who are you missing out on in your life that secretly or desperately yearns for you to just connect with them? To love them?

At the end of the day...can you honestly say that you LIVED? LOVED enough?

Made your absolute best effort to truly contribute and live fully?

Our time in this physical vessel we inhabit is way too short in the grand plan of it all. Too many of us abuse it and take it all for granted until it’s too late. There is a better way. There is a way to live an empowered life. There is a way to evolve beyond any of your “limitations.” Even in the face of building a company and solving major problems.

You deserve to live fully and love every moment of your life.

Love and prosperity to you my friend.


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